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New Pricing Policy

Beginning January 1, 2015, there will be a change in how I charge for Pinboard.

Right now, users pay a one-time signup fee that grows by a fraction of a penny with each new signup. At the moment, this fee is $10.55. Pinboard also offers archiving accounts, which cost $25/year. Users who upgrade after joining Pinboard can deduct the signup fee from the first year of archiving.

Under the new scheme, basic Pinboard accounts will cost $11/year, while archiving will continue to cost $25/year.

My main reason for making the change is so that I don't have to keep explaining how pricing works. An astonishing number of people already believe that they're paying annually for Pinboard. Others accuse me of baiting and switching them when they upgrade to archiving and get a renewal notice. Note how much easier it is to describe the new policy than the old one.

If you already have a Pinboard account, or sign up for one before January 1, 2015, this change will not affect you.

All Your Questions Answered

Isn't this somehow unfair to someone?


You said it was a one-time fee, but now you're saying I have to pay?

See paragraph #5.

How will this affect people who already have a Pinboard account?

See paragraph #5.

What if I have a regular account now, but upgrade after January 1?

See paragraph #5.

What if I sign up before the end of the month?

See paragraph #5

Will there be a way to set up recurring payments?

Yes, hopefully via both PayPal and Stripe.

Will there be a discount if I sign up for multiple years?

Very likely. I am still mathing this out.

Should I be worried?

Only in the broadest, existential sense.

What if I signed up before 2015 but still want to pay you annually?

Friendly Pinboard users who want to support the site in this way will be able to opt in to the new scheme.

—maciej on December 14, 2014

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