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Seeking Bay Area Colo Space

I succesfully moved my backup servers to Sacramento this week, but I'm still looking for a Bay Area colo for the main site, which has outgrown its current home.

Here's what I'm hoping to find:

  • Half or full cabinet
  • 100 Mbps capped bandwidth
  • 20 A @120 V
  • One or three-year contract
  • Full 24/7 physical access, within 100 km of San Francisco

The best offer I have in hand right now is from HE at their Fremont 2 facility, who are asking $600 per month for a full cabinet, but with skimpy power (15A) and a $200 setup fee to install square-hole posts.

Make me a better offer and I'm yours! Email me at

—maciej on August 02, 2013

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