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Upcoming API Downtime

I've found out on short notice that I must vacate my current hosting facility before the end of the month. This will mean physically moving about eighty pounds of PInboard machinery from San Jose to a new home in Sacramento.

The servers involved run the Pinboard API. I'm going to try switching all API traffic to the web server (which is hosted elsewhere and will not be affected by the move) but if it turns out to be too much load, I will need to take the API offline.

In the pessimistic case, the API will be down from early Monday evening California time until Wednesday morning.

The outage will also affect archiving. About half of Pinboard users won't be able to reach their archives during the outage. I will extend affected archiving accounts by one week as compensation.

The website and RSS feeds will remain up and running.

Nothing makes me feel more alive than a midsummer motor car ride through California's gorgeous Central Valley. I apologize to my users for this self-indulgence, and promise not to make it a regular habit.

—maciej on July 28, 2013

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