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Berlin Meetup Aftermath

Our meetup in Berlin yesterday proved to be the best-attended one yet, with fifteen Pinboard users and one extraordinarily patient child fighting their introvert instincts on a beautiful spring day.

We had a diverse group of people from across the US and Europe, ranging from designers and web developers, to game developers and even a mobile app developer! Luckily everyone found a common language.

In order not to drink beer on an empty stomach, I stopped in a Bavarian restaurant before the meetup and ordered the item below, about which I would like to make the following observations:

  1. Wrapping this thing in bacon would actually make it healthier.
  2. It appears to be made from the heart of the last person to order it.
  3. Clicking 'enhance' on this photo crashes iPhoto and turns its icon into a ham hock.
  4. It's hard to see, but the parsley is hovering a few millimeters above the meat field.
  5. If I ever visit Bavaria, back up your bookmarks.

I sincerely thank everyone for coming and hope to see you in Berlin again soon!

—maciej on June 09, 2013

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