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Tag Editing, Network Filters and Fandom Search

This weekend I pushed out three new features. Since they have yet to take down the site, it's probably safe to announce them:

Tag Editor

A persistent shortcoming of Pinboard is that there's no way to do tag gardening. In particular, it has not been possible to remove lots of tags at once, view a list of tags that you've only used once, or search within your tags by substring.

The tag editor is here to help. You can load it by clicking the 'manage' link next to your tag cloud. The editor has a number of features, so I encourage you to take a quick look at the documentation before you give it a spin.

As with many tag-related endeavors, it can be hard to strike a balance that works for both the average user (with 150 unique tags) and the tagging elite (some of whom have over 10,000 tags). Please let me know if I did someting wrong.

Right now, the editor will only let you delete tags. I'm working on additional actions, like rename and merge.

Network Filters

Another long-standing criticism of the site is that auto-added links (mainly those from Twitter) make the network feature unusuable.

For some people, Twitter links on the network page are pure noise. For others, Twitter is an essential part of getting links into Pinboard. So instead of imposing my view on everyone, I've added a filter link to the network page so you can decide for yoursel. Turn the filter on and you won't see any more bookmarks that originated from Twitter in your network feed.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to set this kind of filter on a per-user basis in your network.

Fandom Search

For months now it's been possible to declare yourself a part of fandom on the Pinboard settings page, but apart from making people feel good, the checkbox had no practical effect. I've finally changed that by offering a version of the sitewide search engine scoped only to users who self-declare as fans. This should make it easier to find fic using common keywords that would get drowned out on the main search page.

Note that all three of these features were suggested by clever Pinboard users. Keep those cards and letters coming!

—maciej on March 25, 2013

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