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New Feeds And Formats

Yesterday I rolled out a change to address some long-standing deficiencies in the site's RSS and JSON feeds. While existing feeds should continue to work as they always did (and please tell me if they don't), there is a bunch of new functionality:

  1. You can now get any feed in one of four formats: RSS, JSON, iCal, and plain text. See the howto page for how the URL syntax works.

  2. I've added feeds for untagged and starred items. These were previously missing for no good reason.

  3. Passing a 'textify' parameter in the query string will make Pinboard serve the feed with the content type 'text/plain'. This is mostly useful for debugging.

Thanks to Jesse Vincent for the clever idea of publishing bookmarks in iCal format! And for buying me coffee!

Part of the backend work I did was to make it much easier to add additional feed formats, so if there is one you particularly pine for, don't be afraid to ask.

—maciej on July 13, 2012

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