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What I Did in 2011

At the end of last year, I began keeping a little journal to help me keep track of my work. Looking back, here's a summary of what I did on Pinboard in 2011 (other than field support emails), month by month:


Recovering from the December onslaught. Made RSS feeds available in JSON format. Localized site to Japanese, added a tag completion pulldown, enabled linkrolls, wrote FAQ.


German localization, first steps to integrating with Twitter via OAuth. Lots of backend work moving to a proper message queue from MySQL.


Further struggles with new Twitter backend. French localization. Introduced the popular+wikipedia page. Made tweets searchable. Did an interview with the Babbage blog. API documentation. Added tag intersection support to API. Fixed pagination issues for tag intersections. Got a test version of a Firefox plugin working.


Localized the account page. Added cloud of related tags to user+tag pages, with a clickable link for making tag intersections. Initial Safari extension. Introduced "Save Tab Set" feature. Ordered and set up a storage appliance for archiving old database backups. Added Readability support. Released Chrome extension.


Added keyboard shortcuts. Released Firefox plugin. Added autocomplete pulldown to search box. Moved URL crawling infrastructure onto message queue.


Got rid of Urchin cruft on incoming URLs. Dealt with FBI raid on colo and ensuing drama. Interview with Wired.


Accidentally followed a link to


Moved site off of DigitalOne (may their name be cursed) onto LeaseWeb servers. Spent time semi-automating server setup. Made improvemetns to fulltext search.


Migrated stored user passwords to a safer format (from salted sha1 to bcrypt). General cleanup of authentication code. Rewrote cookies to make them revokable. Set up a staging server. A generous pal performed a security audit. Ordered components for my first physical server. Interview with Time magazine.


Dealt with fallout from Delicious relaunch. Struggled against some overzealous bots aggressively crawling the site. Feature to grey out bookmarks you already have when viewing other users' pages. Tag subscriptions. Time zones! Made user+tag pages sortable by title, added preference for number of bookmarks displayed per page. Public networks. Option to sort tags in pulldown by popularity. Major cleanup of inline edit form and copy-to-mine. Greeted fandom and worked on their wish list of features.


Public profiles and search. Big javascript overhaul. Added importers from Firefox JSON format and Google Reader. Wrote scripts for tarring up user archives in human-readable form so people can download them. Removed Google Reader support (RIP, Google Reader, I'll mourn you til I join you)


Configured new server and set it up in Fremont colo. Major database cleanup. Lots of work on new tag editing interface. Added cookie support to crawler. Wrote this list.

—maciej on December 26, 2011

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