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New Twitter Integration

Twitter archiving has long been one of our most popular features. You can set up your Pinboard account to import all the links from your tweets and favorites, get a fully searchable archive of your tweets, and optionally add your #hashtags as Pinboard tags.

But the feature as implemented also has some longstanding flaws. Because Twitter limits the number of times we can request an RSS feed each hour, there can be a delay of several hours between the time you tweet something and the time you see it show up on Pinboard. You can't connect Pinboard to protected Twitter accounts. And Twitter import is not retroactive - you only start seeing tweets and bookmarks from around the time you enable the feature.

To address these issues, I've completely rewritten Twitter archiving to use the Twitter API. This means you can now import tweets and favorites from up to three Twitter accounts, including protected accounts, and configure detailed bookmarking behaviors for each. Import is now fully retroactive, and we can check for changes much more frequently. Finally, I've made some changes to the way tweets are displayed so you can click back to the original tweet or conversation on Twitter.

If you'd like to try the new Twitter integration for yourself, go to the 'beta' tab on the settings page and turn on Twitter OAuth setting. You'll see a 'twitter' tab appear at the top of your settings page, and you can go there to connect to your Twitter accounts. You'll need to do this even if you already have Twitter mirroring enabled on your account.

Please let me know (via Twitter or the mailing list) if there are further features you'd like to see, if you have any questions, or if you spot a bug. The new Twitter integration is still in beta, but it should be stable enough to use safely. Once I'm satisfied that things are working at scale I'll make it the default for everyone.

Thanks to everyone who helped with testing!

—maciej on April 04, 2011

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